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Driving Licence

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Second Driver

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Policy Start Date

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Own Goods Van Insurance

Business or commercial van insurance policies differ from personal cover and it is a necessity to choose the correct cover when transporting your products, tools or equipment. “Carriage of own goods” insurance is designed for businesses who transports it s “own goods” not goods which is paid to deliver good for a fee. This type of policy is less expensive than “Hire and Reward” which is designed for Courier’s and transport companies.

Completing your application

You’re responsible for answering any questions relating to your application honestly. If the information is found to be incorrect it could invalidate your insurance and your insurer may not pay out for any claims you make. Always make sure that the policy you’re applying for has the right level of cover and features that you require.

What to consider before the quote

Prior to obtaining your quote, you must decide what your van is to be used for when applying for an insurance policy. Van insurance providers will factor in many key elements when supplying a quote such as the value and size of the van plus the costs of repair. There are three different categories that you can choose from, when stating your van’s usage to the insurance company.

Firstly there is carriage of own goods which means that your company will be using the commercial van to carry goods you own or other people’s goods in your area of business such as construction equipment or cleaning supplies and so forth. The van may also be used for personal use which could be to take a trip to the recycling tip over a weekend.

Hire and Reward  involves carrying materials or goods for a third party that will be paying you for that specific service. Premiums for this service tend to be higher and courier van services require this type of protection. It pays to compare quotes on a comparison site so you can ensure you get the best value deal.

Factor Affecting your car insurance premium!

The cost of motor insurance varies significantly from driver to driver and very often premium is calculated based on you occupation. There are a number of factors that affect the price of your premium including:

  • your age
  • your occupation
  • your insurance claims history
  • the type of vehicle you drive
  • where you store your vehicle at night
  • what is the use of the vehicle
  • millage
Compulsory Excess
  • Set by your insurance company
  • Depends on the details you’ve provided your insurer with when you took out your policy
  • Higher excesses are most likely on policies with young drivers, or on high value cars
Voluntary Excess
  • Amount you choose to pay towards the cost of a claim
  • Can help to reduce the price of your insurance
  • Paid on top of any compulsory excess you have
Policy Types

Comprehensive policy will provide you with the most extensive level of cover, including everything covered by third party, fire and theft, and usually:

  • Loss or damage to your vehicle
  • Windscreen cover
  • Personal effects
  • Accidental damage
  • Medical expenses

Some insurance companies offer cheaper policies that offer less protection, known as ‘stripped down’ policies. For example, they may have taken off windscreen cover or reduced what you can claim for personal effects – so always check your policy documents to make sure you have the cover you want.

Third party, fire and theft covers everything that third party does, but also:

  • Fire damage
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Damage to your car caused during theft

Third party only is the minimum level cover required by law in the UK. It covers:

  • Liability for injury to others (including passengers)
  • Damage to third party property
  • Liability whilst towing a caravan or trailer

Your are now super smart 🙂